Turners Boxing Club



Our location

801 N East St Suite 4, Frederick, MD 21701

Opening Hours

Sun: Closed
Mon-Fri: 11 AM - 8 PM
Sat: 10 AM - 2 PM
Holidays: Closed


Phone: 301-898-2215
Email: turnersboxingclub@gmail.com


Frequently Asked Questions!

Nope! We understand that seasons in our lives change and we also understand that most people don’t like to be locked in a contracts. That’s why we offer a standard plan where you can pay month-to-month. On top of that we also understand that most people don’t like surprised charges on their account so that’s why we won’t automatically charge your card either. However, if you figured that you will be committed for a while we offer a contract where you will receive a discount!

Yes we do! We offer discounts to teachers, police, nurses, EMT’s, firefighters, and military/veterans. 

Nope! Once you sign up for a membership you can come and go as please during our business hours. The classes are part of your membership and completely voluntary. We do recommend that you attend them so that you can receive proper instruction and make the most of your membership! 

No you do not have to spar. Not everyone is ready to spar right away, and if you want to spar we recommend that you train for at least a few weeks until you got the foundations down. That being said, sparring is great way to put your training to the test and we do recommend that you do at some point. Oh, and don’t worry we will have protective gear for you!

As per CDC guidelines we do recommend that non-vaccinated members wear a mask but it is not mandatory. We do require temperature checks for everyone regardless of vaccination status. Everyday before closing we always sanitize the entire facility.

Yes they absolutely can! We are licensed to teach members to box and compete against other fighters. If members want to pursue amateur or professional level we will make you to prepare you and train you every step of the way!

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